Not fully payed booking because of Corona voucher not applied to latest booking

  • 3 juli 2020
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Situation: I’ve booked latest vacation on Fuerteventura (3rd time in a row) at 5th of July and was promised to receive corona voucher (2nd time ) in time. After 5 days calling and texting at 2nd of July I’ve received voucher but person in Call-center was not able to apply it. So she applied small left over part of it but bigger amount not.  So as result my latest booking is payed only on 200 euros and we are in limbo state. I’m not able to get E-tickets. 

So what can I do, what is the best solution? Can I travel with not payed bill and how? I’m still wanna fly but its not clear would it be even possible without E-tickets in hands.

3 reacties

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Hi Rijndael,

It is not possible to get e-tickets and travel without full payment of the booking.

As I understand from your message, you have multiple vouchers. At the moment it's not possible to use more than 1 voucher on a booking.

Say your ticket costs 500 euro, and you have 1 voucher of 200 euro and 1 voucher of 300 euro. You can use 1 voucher for the ticket. So if you use the voucher of 300 euro's, you still have to pay 200 euro's yourself. The other voucher can be used on another booking, or be re-payed in one year time. 

I know this is very inconvenient, but we had to build the voucher process in a very short time and at the moment the system can't handle more than 1 voucher on a booking. 

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,


Hi Tessel,

As latest update we were able to fix the problem via call-center. Reason of the problem is still not that much clear to me. And AFAIK problem was fixed manually or half-manually. 

We got small piece of certificate after buying a bit cheaper second reservation. So logically if second reservation was cancelled then original certificate should be became valid again. Or why that cancelled booking just can be exchanged with new one without voucher-story. Yeah it's quite strange to me. 

Anyway thx for your time and finally my issue is solved. I've also made some remarks in PM. 


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Good to hear the problem has been solved!

Have a nice holiday :sunny::palm_tree::sunglasses: