Can anyone help me with this questions about green Nature Resort & Spa Marmaris?

  • 8 januari 2020
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Can someone answer my following questions, please,:


  • how far is it from hotel to beach and is there a (free) service to bring us to the beach?
  • are there sport opportunities on the beach such as jetski, parasailing and what are the costs?
  • approx. how far will be the transfer from hotel to Bodrum Airport als the time duration
  • we will leave the hotel , our plane will depart at 12.50 pm
  • Is there time to have our breakfast in the morning (approx 5,5 hours before departure we will have to leave the hotel). If not can we get some breakfast with us for in the bus?
  • Is it very noisy in the hotel during sleeping time in the evening/night 


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Hi @Trip  


My apologies for the delay in answering your questions. 


It is approximately 800 meters to the nearest beach. There is a (free) shuttle service available to the beach of Içmeler. The ride to the beach takes about 10 - 15 minutes. There are no beach sport oppertunities from TUI, but there might be sport activities available on the beach of Marmaris. The transfer from Bodrum Airport to Green Nature Resort & Spa takes about 2 hours. Please note that there might be stops in between at other hotels, so the transfer might take longer. Breakfast starts at 7 a.m. so you'll have time to have breakfast before leaving the hotel. It is hard to tell if a hotel is noisy, but keep in mind this is a big hotel with a lot of guests.


I hope this helps!


Kind regards,